Addmission rules for the academic year 2019-20



3 TO 4 Years


4 TO 5 Years


5 to 6 years

  • Registration forms will be issued on the date announced, between 10 12 noon from the school office. Issuing registration form does not guarantee admission.
  • There are approximately 25 seats in pre primary section and 40 seats in class’s 1 to VIII out of which 30 seats are reserved for the students of Canyon H.S School Bhopal on first come first served basis.
  • Parents will be required to complete the formalities of admission within stipulated time, failing which the seat allotment will stand cancelled and the chance will be given to a child on waiting list.
  • Recommendation in any form will be treated as a disqualification.
  • Submitting of transfer certificate from previous school is compulsory for the student seeking admission in the school. The T.C.should be counter signed by the concerning authority if the admission sought in class –I upwards.
  • A copy of birth certificate of the child, who has not studied in any school before and seeking admission in pre-primary primary classes, should be submitted along with the registration form. A copy of Aadhar .Card, Ration card, Caste certificate, SSSM id no. has to be submitted at the time of admission.


Enrolment in CANYON SCHOOL BEENAPUR essentially implies willingness in parents and pupils to comply with the regulation and requirements of the school. Parents are suggested to read the essential information given hereunder and file it for ready future reference.

    School Timing

From 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. students must reach the school 10 minutes before the school starts. No student will be allowed to enter school after the classes have started .every Saturday is a holiday for nursery and K.G. classes.


The school may provide transport if at-least five students from the same locality are willing to avail the facility. Transport fee will not be charged for summer vacation. However there will be no reduction in the above fee for Diwali, Christmas vacation or Govt. enforced holidays. Bus charges are payable for 11 months compulsorily.


Lessons are explained in the classes until the students understand them thoroughly .hence private tuitions by school teachers are not encouraged by the school .But in any special case, if parents desire so, they may obtain permission from the principal. Parents are requested not to approach our school teachers for private tuitions directly.


Home work is given and checked regularly. Parents must ensure that children do home work regularly. Home work should entirely be the effort of the student and parents or tutors are advised not to tamper with it.


As per government rules students who have not put in 80%attendance are not allowed to appear in the Final Examination. No students should be absent from school without an application for leave. In the case of small children if they are absent for two or three days work will be sent to parents through e-mail. It is the duty of the parents to get it done by the students in their copies.


The school has taken all necessary steps to encourage speaking of English. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in case some tough measures have to be resorted to in the interest of children.


All dues are payable in advance latest by the 1th of the month for which they are payable. A late fee of rs.100/-per month will be charged for not paying before the given date. Payment must be made and the receipt must be obtained between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon from the school office. Fees will be accepted from first to fifteenth of every month.


Marks of the Terminal Examinations are also considered while promoting children to the next class. Principal’s decision in this regard will be final and binding.


There are half yearly and annual examinations. Normally Annual examinations are conducted in the month of February/March. There is also provision of monthly tests. No examination will be conducted again for any student if he/she fails to appear.


Reports of progress and conduct are given to the parents after each Test/Exam. Parents or Guardians are requested to see the Principal whenever they asked to. Parent-teacher meetings are also arranged to discuss the progress of the child. Parents will be duly informed about such meetings in advance. They should keep school informed of their new address and mobile number if ever there is a change.


If the child is ill for more than three days a medical certificate must be sent to the principal. If the child is suffering from any infection or contagious disease he/she should not be sent to school. In case of prolonged illness the child may attend the school on doctor’s advice, but the parents should inform the teacher in writing about the nature of illness and precaution to be taken.


There is a regular inspection of nails, hair, etc. Parents must make it a point to send children neat and in proper uniform. Greasy and semi solid food items in Tiffin may lead to satins on the books and uniform. Hence they should be avoided. All things belonging to a child must be marked with his/her name, class and section.


Names of the pupils ,who have been absent for more than one month without written intimation or those who fails to deposit school fee for the three months in succession are struck off the rolls without notice. Transfer certificate will be issued only after dues are cleared. Irregular attendance, disobedience or conducts injurious to the tone of the school are sufficient reason for the dismissal of a pupil.

    General progress

Parent-teacher meetings will be arranged to discuss the general progress of the students. It is the compulsory for either of the parents to attend the meeting. In case of emergency they may seek permission to be absent on the occasion and ask for special appointment with the teacher which will be fixed as per the convenience of the teacher. Parents who send servants to fetch their children from school should acquaint the teacher with the servant. Students will not be allowed to leave the school with a new person.


All the parents are sent an invitation for the School Annual Function, Sports Meet, Prize Distribution, and other competition. However a standing invitation is given to all the parents if they do not get individual invitation.